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Triggers are one of the biggest challenges and the most consistent part of the process of growth in life. Through the triggers lessons are learned and the part of ourselves that need healing are exposed, brought to the surface. It is like an emotional bomb exploding right on our face. We feel those uncomfortable emotions and we really don’t know what to do with them. We react in ways that we are not always capable of recognizing – because we don’t see them as a threat: they are a protection to our system. The reaction to the trigger is created to protect us from feeling that pain – it is like when we hurt a part of the body, the whole body compensates in a way to protect that part that is hurt, so pain can be avoided.

When someone triggers us, it is because they were assigned the role of exposing us that wound that need healing. They are showing us exactly what we must work on so we can break free from the pain.

How do we get rid of the fear of hurting again? By healing the wound. Whenever we have a part of us that is not yet healed, it will hurt when touched by others, identically of a exposed physical injury.

How to identify that we are triggered?

Whenever we feel a negative emotion related to something someone else did or said, it can be a trigger.

What to do when we identify a trigger or a negative emotion?

Whenever we react to something, it is a defense mechanism. We want to avoid pain – our system is made to avoid pain and guarantee survival – pain reduces our level of energy, which reduces our chances of survival. Whenever we identify that we are “off balance”, it is a lower vibrational energy affecting us. When this happens, the best path is to ask ourselves: “Why am I feeling like that?” and dig deeper into why, when It happened so we can figure out the cause. Maybe someone said something that made you think that upset you.

When we feel this way, it can be because whatever they said or did, reminds us of a painful situation of our past – probably the reason why we created the protection mechanism when we get hurt for the first time. Sometimes is a feeling of abandonment, of unworthiness, of failure, of rejection, of neglection.

Ask yourself, “When did I feel this way for the first time?” and your mind will take you to the first time you felt that way. When you review the situation, you will see yourself and sometimes even understand why you felt that way. Just love that part of you. That “you” that was in the past was hurt because you expected others to behave with you like you behave with them. You expected to be loved, accepted, protected, nurtured in a certain way and the other person couldn’t do that for you. Most of the times, when this happens, we believe that it was our fault. That we were the problem. This is not true. The fact that the other person didn’t know how to treat us the way we deserved, doesn’t mean that we weren’t worthy – it means they weren’t CAPABLE of it, that they didn’t know, or couldn’t do at the time for whatever reason THEY have, which is not our agenda. And the fact that you KNEW what was the “right way” of behaving, it means that you are already blessed. That you know that is possible to be better - and that make you an amazing person.

We can’t understand how people function, but we can understand how WE REACT to how they function. Whatever they do or say is not about us – it is about their own stories and dramas and experiences. We can’t control how they will treat us. But we can always control how we treat ourselves. Loving that part of you that was hurt in the past, will give you the power to feel loved, accepted and protected. That’s what you need and if others didn’t give you, YOU CAN GIVE THAT TO YOURSELF NOW. Allow yourself to forgive them. You are not responsible for teaching others any lessons even if you think that they need, or you can – it is your responsibility to learn your own lessons. Nobody is going to “get away” with it because there is a Universal law of cause and consequence that give us back whatever the energy we give out.

Forgiving them doesn’t mean that you must accept that they were right or to bring them back to your life. Forgiveness means that you let them go and STOP RELIVING THAT PAINFUL SITUATION – only because you don’t deserve to relive that pain over and over.

Forgive yourself too, for allowing this situation to hurt you all this time. And let it go. Leave it in the past. Forgiveness is for you. It is freeing yourself from a situation that you couldn’t control. It frees you from the pain. It allows the wound to heal and close. You don’t need anyone to give you closure. You can give that to yourself because you don’t deserve to spend not even another minute suffering. You’re the Creator’s child, pure light and love. Your true nature is peace, joy and happiness.

Whenever you take the time to love the part of yourself that is wounded, the trigger is gone. You understood that even a painful situation could teach you something for good – maybe how to stand up for yourself, maybe how to become more independent. Make a list of benefits that you got from that situation, understand how that have served you and helped you to evolve - and let that go. Tell yourself that you can learn and evolve without holding on to that resentment.

Remember, that pain wasn’t always caused by that specific person, they were only helping us, by mirroring back to us something that was already bleeding. Love yourself, nurture yourself, heal.

I hope this message helps you. Please receive my blessings and light!

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