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It is very intriguing to think in all that is happening in 2020 and how COVID-19 has been changing the way we live our lives, the way we behave and see the world, relationships, and ourselves. This year was a very particular year where unpredictable changes happened to force us to adapt constantly to living with the unknow. The lockdown and the social distancing caused by the virus, have brought to our consciousness the importance of our relationships with others, our lifestyle choices, our capacity to choose ourselves and to take care of others. The situation we are facing is throwing in our face all the things we did not want to face, that we were hiding under the rug: insecurities with ourselves and our bodies, toxic relationships and patterns, the lack of priority to what was important in life, the quantity of ways that we used to “distract” ourselves and cope with those uncomfortable people, situations, emotions.

It is very curious to think that all of it is happening on a moment where the planet is suffering an energetic upgrade. Mother Earth is changing and upgrading its grid to base a 5D level of consciousness and the humanity is being pushed to follow the wave. What is COVID-19 role in these changes?

So, let us analyze how COVID-19 works energetically speaking and we will be able to understand a bit of its role on this ascension process: the virus is known for taking over the lungs and causing a huge infection in the lungs and throat area. If we think energetically, lungs are on the heart chakra - the place where sadness and grief are stored in the body. Throat chakra is the place of authenticity, self-expression, and truth.

The first time I gave energy healing to someone with COVID, what I saw was a lot of flea. Like small little gremlins spread throughout the body, but mostly attached to the heart center area (higher heart, lungs). They were “eating” grief. They are fed by grief. Which explains clearly why the most cases of death are in elder people – children don’t really have a lot of accumulated grief, right?

But what is grief? Grief is what we feel when we lose someone. Although death have been a part of our lives since we are born, we never understood the importance and value of death and its presence in all processes of life. We learned that death is something that only happens when we are extinguished of our lives and it is a half truth, because the process of life is made by birth, transformation, and death – but it not oly happens twice – it happens ALL THE TIME during ALL OUR LIVES. Relationships are born, transform and die. People are born, transform and die. Situations are born, transform and die. By not recognizing this process in our day-by-day lives, we are living in an illusion that everything will last forever – and that is the biggest reasons of heartbreaks and deceptions. For example, we met someone, and we fall in love, we get married, have kids and the relationships transforms all the time. 5 or 10 years after that first date, most of us are not the same person anymore. Nor the relationship is the same. But it must die. Yes. At least that first version of the relationship must die before it takes the next form. The dating must die before we become married. The honeymoon dies before we get into a deeper love and connection, the passion dies before the love is born. And they happen simultaneously in an interconnected way that we don’t realize. To our adult self be born, some parts of the childlike nature must die – they mature. Leaving behind a relationship is dealing with death. The relationship changed but people did not want to change. Then the transformation is over. Death comes. We suffer. And why? Because we were not educated with this mindset. So, there is grief. There is an incapacity to accept that death is part of life and that will happen with EVERYTHING, wanting or not, doing our best or not, enjoying or not. There is no protection against death. But there can be understanding and acceptance. Grief is a lack of acceptance of death. It is when we cannot let that person/relationship/pet/situation go because we do not want it to end. Because we think we need it. Grief is when we resent that person for abandoning us when we less expected. Before we were prepared. Grief is when we resent ourselves for not “Saving” the person. Grief is when we resent ourselves for not doing our best for saving that person. When we think we could have done something to change that situation, but we did not do. Then there is grief. Grief is the result of unforgiveness for lack of acceptance when something in our life dies – being a person, a pet, a situation, an expectation, a relationship. Unforgiveness? Yes. Grief is a piece of the person’s energy that is still stored in our hearts, that we cannot let go – that brings pain and close our hearts to love. That is what the COVID feeds from.

When people get the virus, the virus start to “eat” the energy of grief that is stored in the cells, which causes the pain to come up and to hurt the person. Imagine all the grief accumulated from a lifetime being stored in little bubbles (cells) and being released by the teeth of little grief eaters? That must hurt. It is like grief bleeding in our system and the pain can be different from person to person, depending on how much grief they have accumulated. The release of grief also releases the feelings of anger, resentment, guilt, shame and blame that were stored to support that perception of the situation, where the person was blaming themselves or others, angry with the loved one that passed without notice, afraid of being alone. All that is a painful process that affects the throat chakra (truths are being revealed and released), heart chakra (grief is being released and healed) and root/sacral/solar plexus chakra (shame/blame/anger/guilt, fear being released) all at the same time. Those are not only emotional toxins, but when released into the system, they become toxins to the body, which can cause a lot of pain. Resistance in releasing can even cause other diseases like mental illnesses – all these changes still must be integrated in the consciousness. People emotionally mature have more chances to survive. The elders suffer more than children because children do not accumulate a lot of grief because they don’t get attached to anything, they live mostly in the moment. Unless they have suffered a trauma, they will be likely not having a lot of “food” for COVID.

Why people die? Maybe because they couldn't stand the pain. Maybe because they could not give up on all those pieces of people and situations that they were keeping inside of them. Maybe because they had too many toxins being liberated at once and their system wasn't strong enough to process it - too much at once for the physical body to handle. We never know the true reason why everything happens in the Universe. Very particular reasons for each person.

Why now in 2020?

The scenario looks very interesting if we put on the context that the Earth's ascension to a 5D level of consciousness requires purging of lower vibrational, high density energies. If we look a little closer to those energies, they are : shame, blame, fear, anger, sadness, apathy – and all the other hybrids of that like angst, resentment, jealousy, envy, etc. Is it a coincidence that the world is dealing with a virus that helps releasing these energies? I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe in purpose. I believe that the Divine use something that humans have created to a higher purpose. How much fear did we felt (or most of the world did) in 2020? If we consider that, in order to RELEASE those energies, we must FEEL them, aren’t we releasing a lot? Aren’t we releasing limiting beliefs about how life should be, how relationships should be, how we should live our lives, how our children must be raised, even how much paper towel is needed in our shopping list? Isn’t the humanity changing after this pandemic? You tell me.

What was revealed to me is that COVID is also serving a purpose, and as the Divine doesn’t measure things as “good” and “bad” – it is all about personal experiences, I invite you to analyze what was your choice of experience. How did you choose – or how are you choosing to experience this change? Which are your personal beliefs around it? Do they change the world and your life for better or worse? Which lower vibrational energies are you releasing (through the act of feeling) or has released this year?

The vaccine

And what about a vaccine? If COVID is a grief-eater virus, what would remediate that? What would help people to recover fast or not even catch the virus? It is an RNA protein enough?

The answer I received is forgiveness. Compassion. Acceptance. Understanding. Forgiving the person that left us with the pain of their absence without further notice. Forgiving ourselves for the thought that we didn’t do enough for that person/relationship/situation. Having compassion for ourselves and understanding that we didn’t know how to see it in a better way. Accepting that death is part of the cycle of life and accepting that we cannot control when people/situation/relationships die. We cannot obligate others to evolve or stop them from evolving. We cannot control the rhythm that people evolve – we have all different timing, and that is ok. Acceptance is key to forgiveness and compassion.

What I invite you to do, even if you don’t believe that all of it is true, is to analyze your relationship with death, grief and love and look at how it is playing out in your life. How many parts of you have died so you can become the person you are today? How many relationships, dreams, situations, realities, expectations have died to create the reality that you live in today? Have you accepted these deaths? Have you forgiven yourself for all the things you thought you haven’t done enough? Have you accepted that you couldn’t control how others thought, felt, react or behave with