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Create your own happiness

Since our childhood, we learned through direct and indirect ways that, in order to be happy we needed to attach it to external things, like for example, we can't be happy if we don't have a certain amount of money or material things, if we don't have a relationship or a successful career (whatever we understand as successful). It is impossible to be happy on our own.

These are generational, ancestral beliefs that are planted in our subconscious mind to LIMIT US and, without questioning it, we start to behave like they are the ultimate truth. Let’s try out a test: what is that you are trying to manifest right now? Do you think that when you have that, you will be happier? We have the tendency to think that the perfect relationship, that amazing job, that certain amount of money in our bank account or that hot body will make us happier and sometimes it just doesn’t. I remember times in my life where I was so financially abundant, but I didn’t feel happy because I didn’t have a partner. Then I got married and had the worst experience ever. I got out of it emotionally and financially broken. I thought – oh but that wasn’t the “right person”. The right person is going to make me happy.

Like me, was there ever a time in your life that you had any of it and just didn't feel happy as you thought you would?

Yes, that is why. When we learned that our happiness is attached to external things, we end feeling like we can't be happy in the middle of chaos, in financial lack, after a heartbreak, sick or unemployed. When we face those situations, they bring us down to a place of shame, guilt, blame and criticism, where we can be hard on ourselves.

In this journey called life, you are learning that you are the owner of your own happiness. If you have ever experienced loss: relationships, love and money, it was probably the Universe trying to teach you a way to learn how to be happy without these things in order to have them. You can only manifest things that bring you happiness is when you BECOME HAPPY.

The only way of manifesting happiness is creating it.

Happiness is something that you feel in your body, that is internal. You are the owner of your own happiness. You can create the feelings you want to feel everyday. How to do it? Listening to yourself. You can choose your friends, you can choose your environment, you can choose how you see things, people and situation and you can even choose your feelings (through managing these things).

What makes you happy that doesn't require money, someone else, material things? Which are things that you can do for yourself everyday that bring you to the feeling of happiness?

Maybe for you will be just the feeling of your hands caressing the fur of your pet, to spend time journaling, practicing yoga or any other exercise, going in nature, watching your favorite show, remembering the top 10 moments of your life, painting, writing, singing or dancing. What is your way to make yourself happy? Can you do that every day? Are you committed enough with your own happiness to keep practicing it until it becomes second nature? Until you can say a yes to any of these questions, you aren’t yet ready for happiness.

We cannot expect the Universe brings us things, people and situations that will give us happiness if we aren’t on the same frequency for the same reason that we don’t put a car on a 5 years old’s hands. Learn how to create your own happiness and nothing else can take you from there. Nothing else will limit you – no financial problems, no loneliness, no failure, no mistake, no chaos, no rejection. You have the right and you deserve doing it for yourself. You are worthy of it. Learn, commit, try, repeat. One day it will become second nature and you won’t even remember how you used to function before.

Please receive my blessings, love and light to your journey!

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