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LOVE, The “virus” that heals. Are you ready to spread it out in 2021?

With 2021 banging our doors, it is time for that very common self-analysis. How did 2020 has affected you. I know, it affected your life as an overall in many ways, from the way and the frequency you used to wash your hands and cover your face to way in which you had to adapt to work, take care of your family, kids. But how that affected the core of who you are, within? What all these experiences of 2020 have taught you about yourself? How did you grow? Where did you resist? Where did you change within?

The first thing that comes to my mind when it comes to 2020 is free will. We felt really affected in the beginning with our freedom, the way we used to walk through life was affected, literally speaking. Social distancing has its benefits, but it caused us to reflect in what do we consider freedom. Is it freedom only the capacity to come and go whenever we want? I saw it differently. I saw it as the capacity to CHOOSE how you come and go, when you come and go, how you see, understand, feel and register situations. I invite you in this article to consider free will in a concept of sovereignty. We know that all human beings have free will, right? But do we really use it all the time? Most of us are conditioned to cultural beliefs, ancestral beliefs, familiar beliefs, collective beliefs, our own beliefs. Are we really consciously choosing these beliefs, or we just keep them because they were presented to us?

A lot of people talk about the Aquarius Age that we just entered after this new astrologic conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter. The Aquarius Age for me is when humanity will start to take its power back. The power to choose its own truth – not only the truth that was imposed or absorbed from us since our childhood. For example, in the city where I was born violence is something so present that was “normalized”. People use bars on their home’s windows to “protect” them from criminals. I could only figure how distorted it was when I move out of my country. I went to rent an apartment and I asked the landlord if they did not have bars. He laughs and says Oh yes, in your country the innocents are the ones that stay behind the bars, right? Right. He was right! That is how deep your cultural influences can affect your choices, your truth.

The Aquarius Age is about free will. Of breaking free from any thought, behavior or pattern that is not for your highest good. It is emotional freedom: the possibility to take into your own hands the control of your emotions and ONLY FEEL WHAT YOU WANT TO FEEL. Is that even possible? Yes. Very much possible. The problem is that humanity did not learn that. Wasn’t it dangerous in the past to have people to see and choose their own truth when what people in power wanted to do was to control the population? We saw what inquisition was capable of doing to keep control. Guess what? Now we are not in that old times anymore. Now you can choose in what to believe, you can trust your intuition, you can do any spiritual practices you want without anyone calling you a witch or burning you on a big fire. We are ready to break free from ALL the biases and prejudgments and old ideas and whatever no longer makes us happy. You just have to know how. And you have a huge technology to help you that was given to you for FREE (yes for free!!). Do you know which? Your body. Your body is the most advanced technology in the whole Universe, and it is what will make it possible for you to create a life in 2021 and all the next years that will ONLY BRING YOU HAPPINESS AND FULFILLMENT. Yes, I had to scream it out so you could believe me. Your body can do it. You can do it. It is possible. How? You have to learn about your technology. It is complex but intuitive. Better than any other technology in the market, I guarantee. it will take some time and effort to learn and practice it, because you have already accumulated years and years of conditioning that you are not even aware of. Believe me, whatever your age is, there is reprogramming to do. If you do not plan to have a spiritual practice in order to get there on your own, that’s ok, that's where my work come in. Be ready to see what else exist beyond what your mind is able to grasp, because no matter how expanded your mind is, there is always more to grow, learn and to be excited about.

It is time, my friends, to take your own free will by the horns and own it. Inspire yourself, observe yourself, learn yourself and guarantee that every word that comes out from your mouth is based in love. Make sure that every thought generated in your head is peaceful. Use your free will, your talents, your divine gifts to help yourself to surrender - and your life's - ENTIRELY and RADICALLY to LOVE. Let us use these quiet times of “limitation” because of COVID as a time of reflection of how much we are giving up our power and freedom to suffering instead of to love. Let us use it to create LOVE in your own life. Unconditional love. For our selves first as the first commandment of Jesus was “Love neighbor AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.” It means, love yourself BEFORE loving your neighbor. It means practice on yourself first and, if you like it, then spread it out! You cannot spread something you do not have, so, create love first for you and it will automatically spread, because you will not be able to hold it only for you. Was the government able to retain COVID? Happiness is even more contagious!! Love is even more contagious!! There is NO “mask” or “hands washing” that can stop you from spreading it as long as it's running in your veins. It removes all the masks we create to protect ourselves from hurt. Because love heals.

Allow the virus of 2021 to be UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – but start with yourself.

That is what starting big is about. And if we all have learned how to love ourselves deeply as we learned how to put others first, we would feel in the depth of our hearts that we are worthy and loved by nature, it will manifest in our reality in the form of harmonious relationships, healthy life, financial stability and abundance everywhere. There will be no more manipulation, no more lies, no more fear or anger or guilt or shame. And the world would have no diseases, no suffering, no punishments, no judgment, no criticism, rejection, violence, or abuse. Only love. Only acceptance. We would all feel like we are divine and Creator's child. We would all be able to see who we truly are: divine, beautiful, perfect, accepted, loved, supported, free. There would be only oneness, acceptance, love, beauty, respect, compassion, understanding, collaboration, partnership. That is what the New Earth entails. That is what each of us deserve. That is our birthright. So, do not lose any other minute of your existence in fear or suffering, because there is no more reason to fear. It is safe to be free. You have free will and nobody than yourself will ever punish you for using it. Even if you make mistakes. It is safe to use your free will. it is safe to express yourself. It is safe to speak your truth. It is safe to LOVE. This is the way that every single soul must be invested in 2021: in transforming Planet Earth in a place of love, where every level of soul can come, incarnate, and learn through happiness, enlightenment, and bliss, while they enjoy the beauty and the benefits of being human.

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