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You are meant to feel your feelings

Every time you are feeling low vibrational energies like fear, anger, loss, depression, apathy, the purpose is to help you heal these patterns. For you to break free from them, you must go back to the first time you felt them and understand what cause them in the first place. Was it a result of your perception at the time or what someone said or did with you? Is that person still in your life? Is that person so important for you that what they said or did will define how you feel for the rest of your life? What are these thoughts are telling you about yourself? Is it based on truth – not other people’s truth, Divine truth?

Sometimes it was our own lack of understanding that created a reality where we believed that we weren’t worthy of love, compassion, forgiveness. We thought that the only way that people could have chosen to hurt us was because we deserved, but what if their choice wasn't about you? We can spend our lives believing on it as if it is the ultimate truth - even if these people are not even in our lives anymore. The pain caused by past hurt can bring some very uncomfortable emotions. Whatever perceptions others have of you, it only reflects their level of evolution – not yours. What others think of you don’t have to define you or to change who you are if you don't accept it.

When you understand that what others do, think or say is their own responsibility, you are ready to break free from the pain that it caused.

You can't know other people's heart, but you still have the power now to love yourself and to clear those beliefs. You have the power to accept yourself unconditionally and to be the most supportive person in your life. This will make you feel safe, protected, loved, accepted independently of others. When you feel these emotions, remember that they are meant to be released so you can free yourself and be who you are really meant to be – not who you were taught to be. That was only a "temporary program" and now is your chance to change it. The only path out of the pain is through it!

How to deal with these emotions?

1- Allow yourself to feel them

2- Recognize the origin – where they come from?

3- Analyze if that story is still your truth, not something someone else told you out of anger or resentment

4- Embrace yourself while you feel the pain. Tell yourself

that its ok now, that you are here for yourself and that will never happen again. Commit to protect yourself from people that makes you feel inadequate, unheard, unloved.

5- Stay there with yourself for how long you need, talk yourself out of it as you would do with a friend: remind yourself of how amazing you are and how many beautiful things you are able to do. Remind yourself that this is not who you are today, that you’ve grown, evolved, learned.

6- Allow yourself to let that pain go, by feeling it, accepting it and understanding that you were meant to feel that, but now you are a different person – that story doesn’t apply to you anymore.

7- Keep embracing yourself until you feel better. An emotion

takes 9 minutes to go away if you allow yourself to feel it.

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