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How to help your team to shine without compromising their quality of life?

We've been educated in the culture of "work hard, play hard" and so far we've seen disastrous results where employees are giving up on their personal life, families and health to produce more in their careers. Is that really necessary? And if there is a way to do get terrific results without having to burn any of these bridges? And if there is a way to have the most productive employee without having to ask them to sacrifice other aspects of their life?

We found the way. HoliSelf was created to help people to improve their productivity, while increasing their quality of life and reducing stress by using a holistic approach.


We support businesses on their transition to a more synergic culture that values the human productivity created through self-development and personal balance.

Through our programs, you can take your employees, your sales teams and your leadership to the next level by using tools that will not only educate them about how to be healthier, but also will help them (and your organization) to be more productive, balanced and achieve highest results.

Why a Holistic Approach?

  • •Consider the individual as a whole being, including all aspects of one's life.

  • •Creates awareness of one's behaviors', attitudes that create challenges.

  • •Increase personal balance and overall energy  which leads to increased productivity

  • •Help to identify, remove and overcome the root cause of physical, mental and emotional blocks that impact performance, happiness and well-being.

  • •Improve quality of life and promotes well being and inner peace

  • •Enhance overall health

  • •Help reducing stress, depression and anxiety

  • •Allows people to discover their authenticity, which leads to spending less energy to do the same things

We have the right solution for your business


Wellness pRograms

At our wellness and corporate training center, we specialize in helping businesses create and maintain effective wellness strategies. Our Wellness Programs include webinars and trainings that cover a range of topics designed to enhance employee health and productivity. By working together, we can help your employees improve their wellness and reduce stress levels, leading to greater job satisfaction and increased productivity.


Sales development programs

Our sales training and coaching programs are built on a foundation of empathy, authenticity and true listening. We understand the importance of connecting with clients and understanding their needs in order to create a strong and successful relationship. Our approach is focused on helping employees gain the confidence they need to present solutions in a way that is naturally aligned with their personal values. We use proven techniques and tools to help participants improve sales performance, overall communication and relationship-building skills.

About us

My name is Agatha Gomes and I have been a business woman for the last 25 years. I have been in Canada for the last 8 years and was surprised to see many professionals going through a lot of stress and burnouts - as it happened with me too.
I realized that, in a country where the weather conditions can unbalance one's health, a wellness strategy is extremely necessary to guarantee that employees continue performing without sacrificing their health.
I decided to create HoliSelf  to unite my experience in Sales with a holistic approach, where we understand employees as the complex human beings they are: with their own challenges, experiences, needs, strengths and weaknesses.
In our holistic approach, we use coaching and other tools in addition to our sales trainings because we understand that  people can’t succeed in relationships when they are unbalanced, sick or depressed. They can’t be productive when they don’t feel good on their own skin.
In our programs, you will have a chance to provide to your employees a new way of being more productive by providing them tools to deal and surpass personal challenges that are impacting their work performance. By helping them to achieve the best version of themselves, they will be the best employee for your company – and achieve incredible results.

For more information about sales trainings, wellness plans, workshops and more, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Montreal, QC, Canada - 

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