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ICC - Sales

Development Program

Sales Development Program (ICC) is a program that focuses on the human aspect of the salesforce as the key piece to obtain better results. We understand that the sales techniques are not enough to guarantee a good relationship with clients - that the key aspect is in the salesperson's capability to generate trust and confidence to their clients.

This program mixes sales training with coaching sessions to help your team to improve their personal and professional skills by focusing primarily on their own uniqueness. It is much more than a sales training - it is a self-development training that enables people to create solid relationships with their clients.

This is a very dynamic and interactive program that will take your salesforce skills to the next level by teaching them effective techniques that are easy to use and to incorporate in their daily life. 

This can also be provided as an online platform for new hires.

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Customized & Online Training

If you need to create a training strategy, develop content or even create a new platform for training your employees, we can help you. Our customized trainings can be the perfect fit to your current needs and will be built based on your company's needs.


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Sales Consulting 

If you need help re-defining your sales process or assessing your sales efficiency, we can support you. Our sales consulting strategy are customized to your needs, and considers best practices to take your sales strategy to a higher level.


Sales Coaching 

Sales coaching is the effective way to make your team get on track with their results. It is a tool that gives them the space to work on specific topics that will allow them to grow quicker and substantially. Our sales coaching programs can be individual or in group.

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