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Wellness Programs

Our wellness programs are a complete package of services that allow your company to educate your employees about ways to increase their productivity through increasing their well-being and self-care.

We will help you to define, implement, evaluate and maintain a wellness plan that matches your company's culture, objectives and  budget.

This program offers interactive workshops, lunch and learn sessions, seasonal events, reiki days and much more!


ICC - Sales Development Program

Sales Development Program (ICC) is a program that focuses on the human aspect of the salesforce as the key piece to obtain better results. We understand that sales techniques are not enough to guarantee a good relationship with clients - that the key aspect is in the salesperson's capability to generate trust and confidence to their clients.

This program mixes sales training with coaching sessions to help your team to improve their personal and professional skills by focusing primarily on their own uniqueness. It is much more than a sales training - it is a self-development training that enables people to create solid relationships with their clients and achieve success.

Sales Coaching & Training 


Sales coaching is the effective way to make your team get on track with their results. It is a tool that gives them the space to work on specific topics that will allow them to grow quicker and substantially. Our sales coaching programs can be individual or in group.

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Holistic Coaching

Our holistic coaching  will help your team to be more in tune with who they are. When we are feeling healthy and happy, we also become more energized and capable of producing better and long-lasting results. 

Our wellness coaching programs can be in group or individual and will allow your employees to have the opportunity to work on their professional goals from a holistic approach.


Self-Development Platform (Online)

Our self-development platform allows your employees to have access to rich content from the comfort of their own homes. It is a safe environment to learn about themselves and share it with their families without having to compromise their work schedule. The program is complementary to the wellness programs and can be acquired by the company or by the employees.

Working from Home

Not sure about what's best for you? Let us will help you!

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