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10 tips to improve your health and boost your immune system

Hi beautiful people!

I am here to talk about what everyone else is talking about: CORONAVIRUS

My clients and students have asked me to talk about it and I decided to write this because I really haven’t seen a lot of news about preventive methods other than “washing your hands after leaving the washroom”, “using masks” and “avoid crowds”. I am not discrediting these suggestions, but as a wellness coach and a holistic therapist, I feel that it is time to finally share my knowledge to help you understand what else you and your family can do to stay healthy overall.

I know that maybe not all the information will feel right for you, but if what I am saying make sense for you and can help you to feel more positive and encouraged to take small steps towards your own health, my mission is accomplished.

So, how do people get sick???

We know that everyone can catch a cold or a flu and that it can also evolve to a pneumonia or sinus crisis. What makes some people in almost the same environment – let’s say a family – catch a cold while others don’t? The answer is their immune system resistance. The overall state of your immune system is what makes you vulnerable to sickness, which depends on a series of factors that I want to bring to light so that you know what to do in your daily lives, not just to prevent this virus from getting closer, but also all other diseases. How long are you planning to stay in the hands of the unknown every time a new disease comes up? How long do you want to wait until you realize that depending on the medical system is not the only way to stay healthy?

Here are 10 options I see that could help you to enhance your immune system and to protect yourself. Not only from this virus, but from all the other threats that might appear in the way. By following some of these suggestions you will see that it is also possible to have a happy and fulfilling life.

1-Eliminating/Reducing fear

People are getting scared thinking they might die. Yes, since we were born, we risk dying. But why does this look scarier now?

Fear is a feeling that has, energetically, one of the lowest vibrations. If we imagine that everything in the world is energy (as science has explained), our emotions are energy in motion, and they can impact how you feel. Have you ever had a sad moment in your life? How depleted of energy did you feel when that happened? Low frequencies of energy impact our functioning on a cellular level. You can understand that better if you look at the Map of consciousness from David R. Hawkins below to see in the scale how that energetic frequency will influence how you feel (anxiety) and your vision of life (frightening). That is the first thing that weakens the immune system. Whenever you think you are in risk, your body will receive that information through vibration (frequency) and that will affect the functioning of your cells – because our system is made for survival. Can you sing a song when you are anxious, fearful or scared? Probably not. So being aware of how your thoughts and emotions impact the functioning of your body is already a good guide for you to understand what is going to make you vulnerable to diseases – and there is a lot of research, books and studies about that. The way that the mind sees things is that there is no distinction between reality and imagination, so it sends signs to your body (through frequency and vibration) and reacts to it – positively or negatively – depending on the level of that frequency. That’s why it feels so good when we are in love. We never get sick right? We are feeling that bliss, next to our loved one and life just feels like a paradise.

My point is – if you stay into the vibration of fear, you will automatically weaken your immune system and become more vulnerable to the disease. More than that, if we consider the law of attraction, which says that the Universe always gives you back more of the vibration you are in, you will probably attract more fear…or maybe the disease itself, because it is like you are “meditating” on it. Meditation is when you focus on one thing and just do that right? If you focus on the problem, you will be increasing the amount of anergy you dedicate to that – which makes that grow. So, fear won’t be good for you anyway. But how to let go of the fear?

First: acknowledge that the fear is not real – it is a feeling based on the imagination that what you fear will happen to you. Second: Get rid of the thoughts. If it’s an “imagination” it means it is not yet true– and if you can imagine something that is not true, why not imagine something good? Why not imagine that you are not catching that virus? That you are protected wherever you go?? Yes, indeed, you can control your thoughts, but you will have to be aware of them, identify them and let them go. Let the negative thoughts go, and work on creating positive ones.

2- Be present!

This item is very connected with the first point because whenever you are living in the present moment you know that you are safe. When you’re watching the news and seeing so many cases, you might feel afraid of being vulnerable or having someone in your family vulnerable to that. Then, you create an “image” – you imagine this happening in your mind. That generates a vibration, remember? – the one you don’t want to…How to change that? Remember you are not there. Remember you are sitting on your couch just watching the news, that your family is safe, that none of what is going through your mind is actually happening. Come back to the present. You are safe.

When we live in the present moment, we can experience peace instead of anxiety and fear. Whatever the situation that you can create in your mind that COULD happen, it is still not happening yet – so that’s the good news. We can feel how our body feels and understands quickly when there is a dis-ease. That will allow us to take action quickly towards our health.

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3- Breathe!

Breathing is one of the most effective ways to bring energy to the body. All the cells and systems in the body need oxygen and the breath is one of the most effective ways to bring that. Even though it looks simple with all stress and running around, sometimes we forget to breathe properly. Stress in the body tightens the muscles making breathing harder and shorter. I can say that because almost 80% of the students that come to my yoga/meditation classes for the first time don’t know how to breathe!! Their breath movement is so short that it is just capable to fill a small part of the chest, whereas the breath is supposed to fill THE ENTIRE BODY. When we breathe deeply, the breath starts filling the lower belly, coming up to the rib cage expanding the diaphragm and finishes by filling the whole chest, lungs and back. Test and see if you are doing it: place your left hand on your chest, the right on the lower belly, breathe deeply and profoundly and check if all these parts are being engaged, expanded and contracted. If not, it might happen that the systems of your body are not receiving the right quantity of oxygen it needs to do its job. So, again, systems get weak and diseases can appear.

4- Eliminate toxins from the body

Have you ever imagined working in a room full of garbage? Imagine you are trying to heal yourself from a disease while living in that full-of-garbage place?

Horrible, right? Yes, your immune system feels the same!

There is no way that the body can function properly while receiving daily amounts of toxins from everywhere. And please, when I say toxins, think about food AND emotions AND thoughts and what you read, talk, think and listen to. Think about all the heavy metals, chloride, fluoride that you consume in tap water, all the perfume and chemicals that are inside of the healthcare products (remember the skin is the biggest organ of the body and absorbs EVERYTHING), all the pesticides that come with non organic foods, all the toxins and antibiotics that are given to animals so they can grow faster and provide the meat that is sold in supermarkets, all the sugar embedded in processed foods, all the horrible things that are happening around the world that you get to know while watching the news, all the interference of computers and other electronics, all chemical products added to the cane food and juices and frozen food to “conserve” them. All the anger and frustration that you ever felt in your life. All sadness, grief and fear. All the stress you ever felt when you had a challenge or when you go to work or have a loved one sick or when you are going through difficulties. All the traumas from the past. All the alcohol, all the drugs, all the medication, all the stimulants (caffeine) all animal protein and their own medication, hormones, energetic charge (emotions and traumas). All of that is stored in your body. That’s your garbage. Have you been cleaning it out or just adding more to this pile? Did somebody ever tell you that you’ll have to do it? Nobody does.

The body was supposed to “autoclean” and that process happens during sleep time or any other time when your mind is not active (sleeping or on a meditative state). Yes, how amazing your body is, right? The problem is that we spend 16 hours “polluting” the body and only 8 hours cleaning it (sometimes less because there are people that sleep less than 8 hours a day), which means that it might have too much to be cleaned than we actually have time to clean.

The human liver wasn’t made to process animal protein. The body takes around 3 days to process all the meat we ingest, which means if we ingest meat 3 times a day everyday, the amount of work that your liver will have will be a little bit higher than the normal, right? Ok so add to that all the list above: alcohol, drugs, pesticides, chemicals, etc. OMG yes all of it is processed by the liver. What it can’t process properly, it stores on a FAT CELL and stores in the body. Where do you think that little belly and cellulite comes from? How do you think that the body sees sugar, excessive carbs, wheat, processed food? “Like toxins”. Too much food, too much stimulation, too much to process. Oh, we aren’t talking about the emotions. Do you know that the liver is where angry and frustration is stored? Hmm…it looks ugly right?

That’s one of the biggest reasons why we have so many diseases. The body is overwhelmed with the quantity of toxins and most of us don’t even know that it works like that. Odors in the body or in the sweat, white coat on the tongue and lack of energy are clear signs of toxins in the body.

Detoxing the body starts with replacing processed nutrition with natural nutrition, drinking plenty of water, exercising, giving preference to organic, fresh aliments. I will talk about it over the next topics.

5- Eat healthy, fresh and “alive” foods

Nutrition plays a big role in our health. They used to say we are what we eat, and I truly believe that, more after studying and practicing Ayurveda concepts. In Ayurveda, an Indian science used for centuries to h