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"What you think, you create..."

Buddha's quote makes total sense with the way we create our reality. Our reality is created by our beliefs: everything we believe, manifests in our reality. "As so within, so without" says the Universal Law of Correspondence*. I know it is tough to imagine that the most challenging situations that we face in our day-by-day life are attracted by what we believe about the world, others and even about ourselves. Then you ask me “How could I be creating in my life situations that cause me pain, suffering, rejection, loss, etc”. “What would make someone to generate this kind of experience?” is the first question that comes to mind, right? I agree. It is almost impossible to believe that the most painful experiences can be created by our own mind. What we didn’t learn is that the human mind is something that wasn’t still unveiled – it is a wonderful mystery that is still to be uncovered my humanity. What nobody told us is that everything that the human mind wants to do is to protect us and to serve us in the highest, best way possible – and to do that, the human mind will create how many situations are necessary so they can help us to survive.

When we are children, we are like sponges, we are fully opened to absorb information from every single source. We use all our 5 senses to do that and they help us to understand the world, ourselves but most importantly: how to survive in the world. That’s the first function of the mind.

If we are raised on an environment where we don’t feel safe, our mind will create ways to help us to cope with that situation in a way that we will feel safe and protected. Sometimes at a high cost.

One example could be of a child that was raised in a toxic environment, where parents weren’t emotionally or physically available or were toxic or abusive. Because the child needs their parents for their survival, the first instinct will be to believe that “THEY” are the source of the problem, so they can continue relying on their parents to provide their primal needs like food and home. A child that have this kind of belief will become an adult with self-esteem problems, feeling like they aren’t lovable, good enough or feeling guilty for existing. Because of this specific belief, many experiences will be attracted to this person’s life so they can have the opportunity to re-live that situation from a different perspective – one where they can see that actually the other is not capable of fulfilling their emotional needs of love and nurturing – so they can finally provide that to themselves. It looks very easy, right? But the reality is nothing like that. What happens most of the cases is that this child will resent their parents for not giving them what they needed the most, they will attract unavailable people that will continue the cycle over and over again, by repeating the same behavior that their parents had towards them or towards themselves – sometimes feeling that they will never be able to receive love, or never be accepted in the world. This vicious cycle can bring enormous grief, sadness, pain and bring this person to use addiction as cope mechanisms. These roots beliefs will keep pilling up other beliefs to help them to survive in a hostile world, to create more and more layers of protection against hurt and pain, imprisoning the person on an non-stop carrousel of suffering, until they person recognize the pattern and decide to change.

When we are able to find the root belief of a problem, we can easily release it and change the person’s reality for one where they understand that trauma from a new light, a new perspective, where they understand that their parents were also people that were in their own vicious cycles, only passing away the pain they received from others.

How to change it?

Here are some ways to start making changes on our reality:

· Creating awareness: creating awareness in an important factor that can allow us to recognize a pattern. Observing what is happening in our lives and understanding the synchronicities and an impression that we are living repeated situations can show us that there is something that the Universe is trying to show us – that we are attracting that energy for a reason. Some ways that can help us to create awareness is self-observation, mindfulness, meditation, coaching, being in the present moment. Being present and observing our reactions when the emotions come up is the best way to recognize our self-talk – the voices that are stored in our head from past situations. Understanding that we are not in the past anymore and that we grew and evolve and learned new ways of protecting ourselves can liberate us from that old, limiting belief.

· Belief system work: There are many professional techniques that are available today as QHHT, Thetahealing, hypnoses, reiki, meditation and many others. You can do that yourself if you have already developed enough awareness to identify the belief that is blocking you and start taking action to change it by reanalyzing the situation that created it from a different perspective. Asking yourself how is that belief serving us is a good way to understand the benefits of keeping that belief and also a way to let it go when we understand that there are other ways to get the same benefits than through painful beliefs.

· Positive affirmations: Positive affirmations can also help with the believe system work, because they bring to the mind new ways of thinking that will benefit us. They say that when you repeat a lie many times, they become true? The same effect can happen with positive affirmations. When you start to “plant” different seeds, they can grow and take over all the terrain. The one you cultivate and water the most will grow and evolve.

How to know when is time to look for help?

When we want to manifest something in our lives that we don’t seem to be able to: a relationship, money, abundance, acceptance, love, etc. it is a very good signal that there is a belief stopping us from getting what we want.

We are divine unlimited beings. Our mind has the capability to create unlimited experiences for us and when we recognize this power, we are able to liberate ourselves from the obligation to keep those same beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving us to assume a new posture, where we create happiness, joy and peace in our lives.

What you think you create, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you become.”


*Source: The three initiates, Kybalion

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