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Where to the find best solution when we have a problem?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Have you ever felt like you wanted to have someone just tell you what to do about a challenging situation?

Every time we are challenged by a situation, we tend to feel like we just want someone to give us the solution - to tell us the answer.

As soon as we start to share that specific problem or situation with family, friends and others, we also start to realize that actually everybody knows what to do about our problem - they give us a very straightforward step-by-step about how to get out of that problem easily - mostly based on their own perceptions and experiences. Great! Isn't it really great to have so much love and support and so many people wanting to help? So why don't we accept their suggestions very often?

None of the solutions we received from our support network was able to fit in our situation because we already have the solution for every single challenge inside of us. The only thing we need to do is listen.

That's why sometimes we regret later on - because we listened to others, and because we didn't listen to ourselves: that friend that walked exactly the same path we did, saw all of our struggles and happy moments. Our best friend, that know us from inside out and that can give the best advice, can provide the right action to take that can change our lives for best.

But how do we access that voice from within?

There are many ways to access that voice, but it requires practice and dedication.

The first and most common one is through meditation. When we observe our thoughts and listen to them, it becomes easier to identify which of the voices is the one that speaks from our soul.

Many people are not ready to try it or didn't like to meditate. More agitated people have difficulties sitting still and doing nothing for a couple of minutes.

If you think you are one of these people, you can try coaching.

The process of coaching is a beautiful process that allows you to find your own answers by expressing yourself in a conversation. But without someone giving you answers. Without judgment or criticism. Allowing you to just express whatever you have to so you can find your own answers.

The Coach will guide the session by asking questions and presenting the client with the objective of creating more awareness and understanding in their own processes, feelings and expressions.

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