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Measuring Success

Sometimes life can be very challenging and make us feeling defeated, frustrated, sad, deceptive about ourselves and even lacking hope, which can cause us to go down the spiral of old patterns and beliefs and feeling like we will never succeed in whatever we are trying to achieve.

I feel the belief system is one of the most important factors that can influence how we see and feel about ourselves. Clearing it can also be a painful process because most of the patterns we have be conditioned to during our lives are very hard to recognize, - they seem to be our nature. The point I would like to touch today is our definition of success, because it is one of the things that really keep us away of enjoying life at it’s fullest.

I invite you to reflect with me : what is your definition of success? What does success mean to you? Think about it and write it down.

I've realized that for long time my definition of success was the achievement of a goal in the perfect way that I've imagined that it would be - which looks somehow impossible, considering how many things happen in our life different than what we imagine and considering that we don't have control of external factors. I was attaching my vision of success to external validations like: what my friends or family would say about what I did or think, how many people would like my work, how many students were coming to my classes and sessions, how my clients were evaluating my services, etc. That made me understand the reason why I was feeling constantly defeated.

What I invite you to do is to re-evaluate your concept of success, because if it is attached to an external validation (from people or things) or to the final goal, feel successful will look much harder. Why? Because the Universe doesn't follow your own agenda.

Changing your limiting beliefs for new ones that help you to grow will empower you to create the reality that you want to experience. Because success is not measured by an external source, it is felt within.

Success is A FEELING that you are successful. If it is a feeling is because it is born and live inside of YOU, which means: YOU ARE THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN SUCCESS.

Beautiful huh?

I invite you, my dear ones, to write down what can give you the feeling of success and follow it. And the answer is whatever YOU FEEL that will make you feel awesome.

Here are some ideas to define success that can make you feel good about yourself:

· Feeling good about what you are doing at this moment;

· Feeling connected with yourself and the Source/God

· Creating actions towards making your dreams come true;

· Identifying new lessons learned;

· Releasing past pain and shedding old beliefs;

· Feelings of gratitude for how much you have grown,

· Feelings of gratitude for what you have today (family, work, friends, etc.)

· Being “in love” for who you are now;

· Forgiving yourself and your past mistakes;

If you see, those options are mostly about feelings and perceptions, which can shift your mindset to look at goals that YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOURSELF instead of expecting to receive it from others.

Remember, the only thing that you can master and control in this world is YOURSELF.

I hope that can be helpful somehow. Please take what resonates with you and receive my blessings and light! Love y'all!!