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Pouring Massage Oil

Ayurvedic Treatments 

Ayurvedic treatments are much more than simple massages because they reach deep levels on the physical body that goes beyond muscles, lubricating tissues, systems, organs, bones and even cells. Differently from the Western massages, ayurvedic treatments utilize warm medicated oils that work directly on the nervous system - the the control center of the body  - and removes toxins (being energetic, emotional or physical) in a way that produces relaxation, peace of mind, well-being and balance.

The goal of the ayurvedic treatment is to bring you back into balance, reducing the effect of everything that is causing dis-ease in the body-mind complex. Ayurveda helps individuals to understand how their lifestyle, mindset and food choices are causing imbalances and help to correct it in simple, natural ways.

We offer Abhyanga (with warm oils), Lymphatic drainage, pre and post natal massage, Indian Head massage, Marma massage, and Shirodhara (soon!)

Energy Healing

Western Massages

Our wellness center offers a range of massage services, including the most popular Swedish and Deep Tissue massages. Let our experienced therapists help you unwind and release built-up tension, so you can feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Our massages are designed to help you feel good about yourself and are sure to leave you feeling relaxed and stress-free.

Pressure Point Massage

Yoga & Meditation

We are always thinking about something we have to do or we forgot to do. Because of that, we end up disconnecting from our body. 

Yoga and meditation are proven tools to help us to reconnect to our body and calm the mind. It allow us to  be in the present moment.

Many people have difficulties to get into a yoga class for several reasons. Here you'll have the opportunity to have an entire session dedicated to you, accordingly with your personal profile to help bringing you back to balance.

Reiki Treatment

Energy healing

Reiki  is a Japanese technique of hands-healing-energetic therapy that allows you to balance different aspects of the Self: mental, physical issues and to remove energetic and emotional blockages. It helps to prevent stress related diseases and promotes a feeling of extreme relaxation, peace and well being.

During my reiki sessions I am able to "read" in your energetic center what is causing the imbalance, harmonize it and give you recommendations to help you to keep the balance after the session.

ThetaHealing is an energetic therapy that works on reprogramming the belief system to allow the individual to have a more fulfilling and happy life. During our childhood, we are exposed to many conditions that will build our belief system and help us to cope with emotional distress and traumas. When we become adults, these beliefs can become obsolete and  limit our capacity to grow and evolve in a healthy way.


Family Constellations

What if the problems and blockages that are impacting your life today are a result of trauma in your ancestral line? What if the patterns you are fighting against are actually being asked from you from your mother, your grandmother and so so on?

Family constellation is the technique that will help you liberate yourself from years of trauma related to relationships, allowing you to let go of everything that does not belong into your destiny and only stay with what your purpose is. 

Book your session and see your life transformed !



Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy uses the natural processes of the body to access subconscious memories from this life and past lives as a way to help you to understand and heal how your current diseases and challenges were created. With this transformative technique created by Dolores Cannon, you will experience relief of traumas and illnesses that will change your life and will allow you to truly understand your purpose and align with it.


Holistic, Personal and Professional Coaching

Coaching is a partnership that help you to achieve any type of goals. Your coach will prioritize your interests and empower your success.

Different from consulting or psychotherapy, coaching looks up to the future and have always an action plan that will move you towards your dreams! It will allow you to unlock your own potential to take better decisions by getting more awareness in different areas of your life. 

Holistic Coaching is your new way to understand yourself through the usage of 9 different therapies that will empower you to use all your uniqueness as a way to help you go to the next level in your life, find success, happiness and fulfillment. 

In our holistic sessions you are not only having access to personal and professional coaching, but to other therapies (like ayurveda, massages, energy healing) to use in a way that benefits your healing journey. You can use different therapies to bring you closer to your highest potential.

Psychology Patient
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Self-Development Programs 


Our self-development programs are composed by online courses that contains rich material to help you learn more about yourself and understand which tools are available to help you surpass your life challenges. They will broaden your perspective about yourself and life in general through self-knowledge and self-awareness. Wellness Bootcamp, Weight management, Energy healing, Conscious parenting are some of the courses that we offer to help you to gain more awareness of who you are.

Coming up very soon!

If you are not sure which option is the best for you, contact us and we will help you!

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